Decorative Patches

  • If you are into fashion and at the same time love patches and want to send messages with a touch of class, then, these decorative patches are for you. Instead of reading a whole paragraph of words and thoughts, why not make it a single liner or word to get your statement across.
  • There are so many different kinds of decorative patches. Some are fashionable patches, while others may be categorized as funny patches or cool patches. Whatever the case may be, each of these types of patches is a fun patch. Fashion patches are here to stay. They can be classified as high, middle, or low end; it does not matter, as long as you enjoy what you wear and feel proud of it. You can also find many kinds of decorative clothing patches that would satisfy your desire. Another type is called the flower appliqué. In the sewing community, it is a type of needlework wherein pieces of embroidery, fabric, or other materials are sewn onto another fabric to make a design or pattern. It is best used for work that is to be placed from afar, like a banner. It is also used for children’s wear, beddings, cribs, and comforters. Flower Appliqué is extensively used in quilting. It is famously used in American, Hawaiian, Amish, Pakistani, and Indian quilt blocks. Customized embroidered decorative patches are made for clubs, teams, fashion companies, novelty stores, souvenir shops, and the like. They are tailored particularly to the specific size, shape, and colors preferred by the client. These cool patches are made from the finest quality materials and sometimes even exported abroad. Personalized decorative clothing patches are available in different thread and background colors. The most vibrant and bright colors set a standard for custom fashion patches that is used for jackets or to personalize a group of patches for your business or club. These fashion patches have neat edges to be attached to a garment as appliqué. There are various categories available like animal, floral, kids, infants, and embroidered lace for all ages. Decorative clothing patches add flair and enhancement to plain clothing. Sewing the patches on is the best way to attach them to the fabric. It is better than using fabric glue or iron on, that can weaken over the years. Adding patches can help give a fashion statement or liven up some dull fabric with style. Funny patches with a custom message or cartoon character can brighten someone's day and maybe even make them laugh out loud as they pass you by.