A Football Patch for Victory

  • A football patch is a great way to show support for your favorite team. Football is the great American sport. It is called the sport of choice by a majority of the American population. With 32 football teams playing in the NFL and hundreds more from colleges, universities, and high schools, rooting for your favorite team has never been easier. You will not find any team, whether professional or amateur, without football patches on their gear.
  • Visible and ever-present, there is more to a football team patch than meets the eye. It stands for many things, and it represents many values. In the NFL, you will see a big football patch on some of the players’ uniforms bearing the letters C or GU. Both of these have meanings and they are just as important as those wearing them. A football patch can also stand for the team that it represents. In some colleges and universities, the first letter of their school’s name is plastered to their uniforms. It makes identifying the teams a lot easier. Even to a referee, calling a foul against a team is made more convenient with a team patch.

    A football patch can also represent team spirit. Similar to a mascot that embodies their passion, skills, and the will to win, patches can have similar effects too. Sometimes, a team is known more by its team patch than by its own name. It's not just the players who wear them but the fans and supporters alike. They even have pennants with patches on them. Thus, whenever there is a big game, you will be able to distinguish who is rooting for whom.

    Meanwhile, a football patch can also be used as a form of motivation. By giving it to your outstanding players, others will be inspired to also perform well. Since receiving it is an honor and a form of recognition, others are encouraged to also show their best efforts.

    Nowadays, a football patch can be seen not just in jersey uniforms or varsity jackets. These patches have transcended their original purpose. They have become a fashion trend wherein they are affixed to clothing, baseball caps, and even bags.