Corporate Logo Patch

  • Thanks to the great leap in technology, new tools, digital software, and absolutely new embroidery equipment, business patches have never been better. The corporate patches of today are produced with striking embroidered designs.
  • This will be a trademark for your business to get noticed. Making a logo patch for your business will introduce your brand name so that it will be known by everybody. This will be the starting block and your first advertising scheme. Whatever business you venture into, getting your company name and/or logo embroidered onto business patches will surely boost your business. Basically, there are two types of embroidery methods. One is the direct to garment method. An embroidered image is created from a graphic design or logo. Then the design will be digitized and saved as a computer file. The instruction will then be fed to the embroidery machine and it will be sewn. These two processes will be billed separately. You could make your own corporate logo patch design, have an artist or designer make one for you, or the embroidery machine staff can make one for you. Once the design is digitized, it is ready for manufacture. It is highly advised that only expert designers in this field of digitized embroidery production provide the files for processing. The quality of the created artwork that is ready for production will directly affect the final outcome of the finished product. If you provide a previously made or self-designed artwork that is not faultless to save a little, then it follows that the finished product will also be less perfect. The second method is the method involved in making embroidered patches. Here, the logo is embroidered to be used for your corporate patches. These can be sewn, stuck, or ironed onto hats, shirts, bags, accessories, jackets, and anywhere else you can possibly imagine. Corporate logo patches are better than direct embroidery because they are versatile; you can put them anywhere. The corporate patches can be positioned in different ways and are very convenient to use. They are eye catching and could really stand out from the crowd. Because of their size, they are affordable and very fashionable. And best of all, the business patches are collectible and can be stored for later use.